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Enfusion wins Awakenings Best Promotion of 2014 awards

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Enfusion wishes you a Happy New Year!

2014 Enfusion Live has brought you top entertainment.

Showcasing top names alongside fresh new talent coming up through the ranks in the fight scene.

Hosting 12 Live shows from around the world within the last year Enfusion has become an established name, with a strong stable of contracted fighters and World Title holders.

February 2015 will bring Enfusion Live 2nd Birthday and we have an action packed 2015 for you with another 12 Enfusion Live events from around the world,  commencing with#24 Enfusion Live 7.2.2015 Eindhoven, The Netherlands with a strong card.

Enfusion would like thankyou for your continued support and we wish you a very prosperous New Year!

Coming to the end of a succesful 2014 !

Enfusion has brought an action packed year to your screens!

Here are the Enfusion Champions as it stands at the end of 2014….

Current Enfusion World Champions:


60 kg Rittijack Kaewsamrit Thailand

Defeated Amine Kacem France


63 kg Greg Wooton England

Defeated Pietje Doorje Surinam


67 kg Ilias Buliad Morocco

Defeated Zahid Zairov Uzbekistan

Mohammed Jaraya Morocco Vacated the 67Kg Belt due to moving up a weight category


70 kg Robbie Hageman The Netherlands

Defeated David Calvo Spain


75 kg Michael Wakeling England

Defeated Ali Gunyar Turkey


80 kg Hicham El Gaoui Morocco

Defeated Aidan Brooks Ireland


85 kg Mirco Cingel Slovakia

Defeated Andrew Tate England and Jiri Zak Czech Republic

(4 Man Tournament)


90 kg Andrew Tate USA

Defeated Wendell Roche  The Netherlands


95 kg Mohamed Boubkari Morocco

Defeated Niko Falin Russia


Open weight Ismael Lazaar  Morocco

Defeated Daniel Sam  England



54kg Iman Barlow England

Defeated Maribel De Sousa Portugal

Defence against Iman Ghablou from Morocco


57kg Denise Kielholtz The Netherlands

Defeated Ilona Wijmans The Netherlands

Deafeated Tiffany Van Soest USA 23.11.2014


61kg Anke van Gestel Belgium

Defeated Ilona Wijmans The Netherlands

Defence against Lindsay Scheer USA


64kg Rachida Bouhout The Netherlands

Defeated Laetitia Lambert France

Defended Vicky Church England


Enfusion Live report for Antwerp, Belgium 21st December 2014 by Peter Lowe “The man in the know” (Enfusion MC)

Enfusion Live report for Antwerp, Belgium 21st December 2014
by Peter Lowe “The man in the know” (Enfusion MC)

Illias “The Blade” Bulaid (Morocco) won the -67kg Enfusion world title with a second round TKO victory over Zahid Zairov (Uzbekistan).
Bulaid made his destructive intentions clear as soon as the bell rang to start the contest. A hard left high high kick put Zairov on the back foot as Bulaid stalked forward looking to land fast single strikes. The combinations soon started to flow from the talented Moroccan teenager, as he manoeuvred the Uzbek challenger into the corner, drawing blood from the nose and forcing the doctor to have a closer look at the damage. Zahid was allowed to continue and came back throwing hard desperate hooks in an attempt to even things up. Bulaid however is a special talent and had the look of a man that would not be denied and a series of furiously fast combinations soon had Zairov covering up in the corner.
After a dominant first round, Bulaid continued his march toward the title in the second, staggering Zairov with several big over hand rights. A stepping left knee to the chin dropped Zahid heavily to the canvas and despite beating the count was saved from further punishment by the referee who had rightly seen enough of the one sided bout.
The end came at 1.15 of the second round.

Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco) won via unanimous points decision against Mohamed Souane of France.
Ben Moh swarmed forward from the off, flinging in some cracking left hooks to body and head, and testing the Frenchmans resiliance with his power. Souane however made his way through the round soaking up the pressure as he tried to respond with his own attacks. The Moroccan outworked Souane in the second round as he continued to land his meaty looking punches. By the third Ben Moh had by now settled in for the points win, maybe aware of the fact that the tough visitor had soaked up his best shots without receiving a count, he seemed content to pick off Mohamed as he marched forward. Nordin was unloading another heavy punch combo as the final bell rang closing out a dominant performance as he picked up the points win.

Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey) picked up the Enfusion fighter of the night cheque with a second round TKO victory over Morocco’s Ismael Benali.
Benali had an excellent first round and seemed to have the edge in speed as used good ring movement and well timed striking to keep the marauding Ozcan off balance and out of range. When the powerful Turk did fall into range Benali would leap in with hard knees up the middle. After the first round had concluded there was a feeling at ringside that the Moroccan may spring a slight upset and end up outfoxing Ozcan. Sadly for Benali, Tayfun began to find his range in the second and a thumping left hook to the liver brought Benali to his knees. Beating the count and in obvious pain the Moroccan beat the count. Ozcan steamed in for the finish and a punch combination, ending with another left to the liver, once again poleaxed Ismael and signalled the end of the bout. The referee waved the contest over at 2.40 of the second round.

Iman Barlow (England) won via unanimous points decision against Soraya Haurissa (Indonesia).
Barlow made a patient start to the bout, controlling the distance beautifully, she kept the Indonesian pressure fighter at range with kicks and smothered her in the clinch with knees when she got too close. Iman brought her punches into play in the second and scored well often pushing Haurissa back to the ropes and blocking any return punches on her high held guard. By round three Barlow was in full flow, working hard and bossing the clinch, she looked to dominate up to the final bell. A push kick knocked Soraya across the ring and jumping knees rained in. It was no surprise when Barlow’s hand was raised at the final bell rightly having won every round on all the judges scorecards.
The “Pretty Killer” improves to 82 fights 74 wins (26 Ko’s) 5 losses and 3 draws.

Edvin Kibus (Estonia) won via unanimous points decision against Yassin Baitar (Morocco).
The bout was closely contested throughout with Baitar taking the first round and sharing the second with his powerful eye catching blows. Kibus though seemed to cope better with the pace and seemed to get stronger as the bout progressed. The judges needed an extra round to be sure and with the Moroccan tiring fast it was the Estonians cleaner more accurate and busier style that won him the day and earned him the points win.

Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco) remains unbeaten after a unanimous points decision win against Khalid El Bakouri (Morocco).
El Boustati looked relaxed and confident at the start of the contest and showed his full repertoire of tricks and skills as he feinted and faked before throwing kicks high and low and punching from awkward angles. Khalid tried to get going in the second and pushed forward but Ibrahim was able to fight well off the back foot and often pulled his head out of the way at the last moment before scoring with stinging counters. With the fight slipping away from him El Bakouri needed a big third round and drove himself forward once more in the final session. El Boustati however stayed alert and evaded most of the pressure with his excellent head movement and closed out the round with some eye catching scissor knees that barely missed their mark. The judges awarded every round to Ibrahim as he maintained his undefeated record and stated his case for a shot at the -85 kg champ Mirko Cingel.
El Boustati improves to 33 fights with 33 wins (11 KO’s)

The fighting talents

Sven Twisk (Holland) won via unanimous points decision in the -67 kg four man tournament final against Volkan Sanatci (Morocco)

Jusef Moujahid (Morocco) won via unanimous points decision against Jaouad El Khabai (Morroco)

Ralph Blewanus (Holland) needed just 45 seconds to pick up a TKO victory over Koos Kivits (Holland)

Sheena Widdershoven won via unanimous points decision against Frederica Sbaraglia (Italy)

Soufiane Kaddouri (Morocco) won via 1st round knockout against Ervin Karsen (Indonesia)

Volkan Sanatci (Morocco) won via unanimous points decision in the -67 kg four man tournament semi final against Samed Stokey (Nigeria)

Sven Twisk (Holland) won via unanimous points decision in the -67kg tournament semi final against Badr Lazaar (Morocco)

#23 Enfusion Live Antwerp Belgium 21.12.2014 Makes the News

#23 Enfusion Live Antwerp Belgium 21.12.2014 Results

#23 Enfusion Live Antwerp Belgium 21.12.2014

1. 3X3
Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco) Vs Khalid El Bakoun (Morocco) -85KG
Winner Points Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco)

2. 3X3 
Edvin Kibus (Estonia) Vs Yassin Baitar (Morocco) -75Kg
Winner Points, went to a 4th Extra Round Edvin Kibus (Estonia)

3. 3X3 
Iman Barlow (England) Vs Soraya Haurissa (Indonesia) -54KG
Winner Points, Iman Barlow (England)

4. 3X3 
Ismael Benali (Morocco) Vs Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey) -70KG
Winner TKO 2nd Rd Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)

5. 3X3 
Nordin Ben Moh (Belgium) Vs Mohamed Souane -70Kg
Winner Points Nordin Ben Moh (Belgium)

6. 5X3 
Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) Vs Zahid Zairov (Uzbekistan) -67KG
Enfusion World Title Fight
New Enfusion World Champion 2nd KO Ilias Bulaid (Morocco)

Fighter Of The Night Cheque Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)

#23 Enfusion Live Antwerp Belgium 21.12.2014 20.00 Local start Time

#23 Enfusion Live Antwerp Belgium 21.12.2014

Will commence 20.00 Local start Time.

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