Nordin Ben Moh moves through to the final, semi finals in the -70kg Tournament

Nordin Ben Moh is the first fighter to move through to the final, semi finals of the Enfusion -70kg Tournament, showing fans 2 great performances during Enfusion Live, The hague, defeating Paul Jansen from The Netherlands with a 1st Rd Tko, and a win over a very tough Edson Fortes from Cape Verde, which secures his place in the tournament.



Results Enfusion Live #26, The Hague The Netherlands Saturday 04.04.2015,

Enfusion Live #26, The Hague The Netherlands Saturday 04.04.2015,

1. 3X3       -70Kg

Walid Hamid (Morocco) Vs Dennis Kabbedijk (The Netherlands)

WINNER Walid Hamid (Morocco)  2nd Rd TKO

2. 3X3       -70Kg  Tournament Semi Final

Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco) Vs Paul Jansen (The Netherlands)

WINNER Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco) 1st Rd TKO

3.3X3        -70Kg  Tournament Semi Final

Hafid El Boustati (Morocco) Vs Edson Fortes (Cape Verde)

WINNER Edson Fortes (Cape Verde) Points

4.  3X3      -64Kg

Shana Lammers  (Indonesia)  Vs Manal Arrad (The Netherlands)

WINNER Shana Lammers  (Indonesia)  Points

5. 3X3       Heavyweight

Brice Guidon (France) Vs Hicham Achalhi (Morocco)

WINNER Hicham Achalhi (Morocco) 2nd Rd TKO

6. 3X3       – 70KG Tournament Final

Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco) Vs Edson Fortes (Cape Verde)

WINNER Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco) Points

7. 5X3       -60Kg

Tommy Dieckmann (The Netherlands) Vs Ali Zubai (The Netherlands)

Enfusion World Title -60Kg WINNER Ali Zubai (The Netherlands) 3rd Rd TKO

Enfusion Live -70KG Tournament

Enfusion Live proudly brings you an exciting 16 man tournament in the -70Kg division.
Fighters have it all to fight for with a grand prize of 25,000 USD!
Competitors will battle it out during 4 different preliminary tournaments throughout 2015, to secure their place in the grand Enfusion Tournament Final.

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Enfusion Hosts 3 shows during April 2015

Enfusion Live will host 3 Live show during the month of April.

We will bring you explosive line ups from:-

The Hague, The Netherlands 4.4.2015

Tenerife, Spain 18.4.2015

Zilina, Slovakia 25.4.2015

Please take  look under events to find the full line ups.


Enfusion Live #25 Turnhout, Belgium 14.3.2015 is covered by Belgium TV.


Enfusion Live #25 Turnhout, Belgium 14.3.2015 is covered by Belgium TV.

RESULTS #25 Enfusion Live, Turnhout Belgium Saturday 14.03.2015

RESULTS #25 Enfusion Live, Turnhout Belgium Saturday 14.03.2015

1. 3X3
Youssef Challouki (Belgium) Vs Sidy Barry (France) – 70Kg
WINNER BY POINTS- Youssef Challouki (Belgium)

2. 3X3

Anissa Meksen (France) Vs Isis Verbeek (The Netherlands)- 54Kg

WINNER BY POINTS -Anissa Meksen (France)

 3. 3X3

Robbie Hageman (The Netherlands) Vs Engin Kutuk (Turkey)

- 70 Kg
WINNER BY KO- Robbie Hageman (The Netherlands)

4. 3X3

Harut Grigorian (Armenia) Vs Marco Pique (Surinam)- 70 KG
WINNER BY POINTS- Harut Grigorian (Armenia)

5. 3X3

Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco) Vs William Diender (The Netherlands)- 70Kg
WINNER BY TKO – Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco)

6. 5X3

Hicham El Gaoui (Morocco) Vs Karapet Karapetyan (Armenia)
WINNER BY UNAMINOUS DECISION – Hicham El Gaoui (Morocco) and still – 80Kg Enfusion World Title

#24 Enfusion Live Eindhoven 7.2.2015

#24 Enfusion Live Eindhoven 7.2.2015

The crowd of Eindhoven were spoilt not only by the main Enfusion Live card but a very strong Kickboxing Talents line up which saw top potential fighters of the future, stoppages, controversy and even a shoulder dislocation!


#24 Enfusion Live Eindhoven opened 2015 with a bang.

Without a doubt the fight of the night was between two young talented fighters Mohammed Jaraya from Morocco and Tayfun Ozcan from Turkey.

The fight had been eagerly awaited by the fight fans and it did not disappoint.

After three action packed rounds with a high work rate and a talented array of skills the judges could not split the fighters so a fourth round was given.

Both fighters fought their hearts out. Jaraya showed great cardio and fitness throughout the fourth round gaining confidence throughout, which made it a clear victory for the 18 year old.



Another hard fought fight was witnessed between Kamil Jenel from Poland and Khalid El Bakouri from Morocco, another fast and furious fight swaying from one fighters favour to another.

Again the fight needed a fourth round to decide a clear winner in which Khalid El Bakouri came through stronger and displayed his best fought fight so far on Enfusion and declared the win.


The main event showcased the Heavyweights division.

Ismael Lazaar from Morocco defended his title against Thomas Vanneste from Belgium. A very resilient Thomas Vanneste absorbed Lazaars shots but refused to back off or go down which displayed five rounds of Heavyweight action for the crowd, resulting in a Victory for the current Enfusion Champion Ismael Lazaar.


Other results

Melvin Wassing (Indonesia) Vs Mohammed Hamicha (Morocco)

Winner — Mohammed Hamicha (Morocco)

Melvin Wassing retired after the first round


Sheena Widdershoven(The Netherlands) Vs Marieke Post (The Netherlands)

Winner Points– Marieke Post (The Netherlands)


Dennis Stolzenbach (The Netherlands) Vs Jegish Yegoian (Armenia)

Winner Points– Jegish Yegoian (Armenia)

#24 Enfusion Live Eindhoven The Netherlands weigh-in photos & footage

Please follow this link to take a look at the weigh in photos.

All fighters weighed in very proffesionally on weight.