25,000 Dollars Enfusion Tournament


25,000 Dollars Enfusion Tournament

The -70Kg Enfusion tournament is well under way.

Fighters are taking part in the quarter finals being held during the Enfusion Live shows across the world during 2015, battling it out to fight again in the same night to secure their place in the semi finals due to be held early 2016.

Fighters who have fought their way to the right to have a chance to win the 25,000 USD so far are as follows…

Nordin Ben Moh from Morocco

Mohammed Jaraya from Morocco

Tayfun Ozcan from Turkey

The remaining fighters will face one another during Enfusion Live #31 Malaga, Spain 19.9.2015 to determine who will fill the 4th place of the semi finals held in 2016.

Who is the best in this weight division? Only one way to find out! Follow the 25,000 Dollars Enfusion Tournament…


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Enfusion’s Press Release


Press release


Enfusion Live will present you a further 6 Live events during 2015.

Our next spectacular line up will be witnessed during Enfusion Live #30 Dublin, Ireland Saturday 11th of July, you can purchase your ticket now from..



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5 future exciting shows will be brought to you from:

#31     Malaga,          Spain                          19.09.2015

#32     Gent,               Belgium                     10.10.2015

#33     Martigny,       Switzerland              07.11.2015

#34     Groningen,    The Netherlands      21.11.2015

#35     A Christmas Edition (to be announced)


In 2016, we come back with bigger events and stronger fight cards, including a heavy weight tournament.



Enfusion Live #31 Malaga, Spain, 19.09.2015 will host the -70Kg tournament quarter final to determine who will go through to the final early next year to secure their rightful spot in the 25,000 USD Enfusion Grand Tournament.

Adam Martins (Spain) 

Phillipe Salmon (France) 

Christopher Mena (Colombia) 

Beau Superpro Samui (Thailand)


Also Malaga will be the first Live event to host Enfusion’s new rules, which no longer will include all throws and we are excited to introduce a new weight category in the male division 72.5Kg,

Tayfun Ozcan from Turkey will face Fran Palenzuela from Spain for this new Enfusion World Title belt.

For the full line up please take a look at the Enfusion TV website



Due to the new weight category and fighters moving up weight or not defending the belt, Enfusion has 4 vacant World title belts

63 Kg Existing Champion will not defend the title and refused an opportunity

70 Kg Current Champion can no longer fight in this division

72.5 Kg New weight category

75 Kg Existing Champion will not defend the title and refused an opportunity


Watch out for the battles to secure a new owner for these Enfusion prestigious belts.


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Sponsored by Superpro Samui, Nikko and Fighting Spirit.


Edwin Van Os

CEO of Enfusion



Enfusion signs Serginio Kanters

Edwin Van Os CEO of Enfusion, welcomes Serginio Kanters to the stable of contracted Enfusion fighters.

Sunday 21st June.

RESULTS Enfusion Live #29, Amsterdam Sunday 24.05.2015

RESULTS  Enfusion Live #29, Amsterdam Sunday 24.05.2015

1. 3X3       Tournament Reserve Fight -70Kg

Mohammed Ben Nasser (Morocco)  Vs Cedric Burgzorg (Surinam)

WINNER POINTS Mohammed Ben Nasser (Morocco) 


2. 3X3       Tournament Semi Final  – 70 Kg

Aziz Kallah (Morocco) Vs Fatih Ozkan (Turkey)

WINNER POINTS Aziz Kallah (Morocco)


 3. 3X3  Tournament Semi Final  – 70 Kg

Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey) Vs Redouan Larkoubi (Morocco) 

WINNER 1st Rd KO Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)


4. 5X3       Enfusion World Title -67 Kg

Rachel Adamus (The Netherlands)  Vs  Sheena Widdershoven (The Netherlands)  

WINNER POINTS Sheena Widdershoven (The Netherlands)  


 5. 3X3 -75 Kg

Serginio Kanters (The Netherlands)  Vs Abdelmounim Mouya (Morocco)

WINNER POINTS Abdelmounim Mouya (Morocco)


6. 3X3 -67 Kg

Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) Vs Maxim Federkov (Germany)

WINNER 3rd Rd TKO  Ilias Bulaid (Morocco)

7. 3X3       Tournament Final

Aziz Kallah (Morocco)  Vs          Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)

WINNER POINTS Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)

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RESULTS Enfusion Live #28, Zilina Slovakia Saturday 25.04.2015

RESULTS Enfusion Live #28, Zilina Slovakia Saturday 25.04.2015

1. 3X3       Tournament Semi Final

Milan Pales (Slovakia) Vs Brahim Benameur (France)


WINNER after a 4th Rd Milan Pales (Slovakia)

2. 3X3       Tournament Semi Final

Tigran Movsisyan (Czech Republic) Vs Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)


WINNER points Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)

3. 3X3

Lucia Krajcovic (Slovakia) Vs Marina Zueva (Russia)

-57 KG

WINNER after a 4th Rd Lucia Krajcovic (Slovakia)

4.  5X3      Muay Thai

Vladimir Moravcik (Slovakia) Vs Yohan Lidon (France)

-75 KG

WINNER points Vladimir Moravcik (Slovakia)

5. 3X3       Tournament Final

Milan Pales (Slovakia) Vs Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)

- 70Kg

WINNER points  Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)

6. 5X3

Tomas Senkyr (Slovakia) Vs Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco)

Enfusion World Title -85Kg

WINNER 2nd Rd KO Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco) Enfusion World Champion and fighter of the night.

Enfusion Fighters model for designer Lucas Balboa.

Enfusion Fighters modelled for designer Lucas Balboa during a top class catwalk show last weekend in Tenerife, please check out the link.


RESULTS Enfusion Live #27, Tenerife Saturday 18.04.2015

RESULTS Enfusion Live #27, Tenerife Saturday 18.04.2015,
1. 3X3
Ricardo Costa (Portugal) Vs Maikel Garcia (Spain)
- 70KG
WINNER POINTS Maikel Garcia (Spain)
2. 3X3
Anissa Meksen (France) Vs Eva Naranjo (Spain)
WINNER POINTS Anissa Meksen (France)
3. 3X3
Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) Vs Elam NGor (Senegal)
- 70 KG
WINNER POINTS Elam NGor (Senegal)
4. 3X3
Rafael Llodra (France) Vs Maximo Suarez (Spain)
- 75 KG
WINNER POINTS Rafael Llodra (France)
5. 3X3
Andy Souwer (The Netherlands) Vs Jonay Risco (Spain)
- 70Kg
WINNER POINTS AFTER A 4th RD Jonay Risco (Spain)
6. 5X3
Mohamed Boubkari (Morocco) Vs Moises Baute (Spain)
WINNER AND STILL Enfusion World Title -95KG
1st Rd KO

Weigh-in Tenerife Enfusion Live 17.4.2015

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