Enfusion History

Enfusion History

Enfusion Live hit the world by storm with an opening show Enfusion Live #1 held in Zwevegem Belgium 2nd February 2013.

Bringing show’s to remember by show casing the top talents and strong up and coming fighters in the world of kickboxing to the fight fans, we are now looking forward to our next show in Martigny, Switzerland, #33 Enfusion Live 07.11.2015.

Enfusion Live shows have been held in many Countries over the last two and a half years and have filled the arenas with spectators expecting to witness a breath taking show in which they have never been disappointed. Each Enfusion Live show host’s a Enfusion World Title bout, the fighters fight over a duration on 5 x 3 minute rounds to determine who will take the prestigious title and belt home with them, we now have a strong stable of Enfusion Champions. Enfusion also supports the female fighters not only on the Live shows but also Enfusion Reality number 5 2014 showcased a ladies Edition which was filmed at Superpro Samui camp in Koh Samui, Thailand where 18 of the world’s best female fighters faced challenges and fought over a 2 week duration to see who would be crowned the -54kg Enfusion Female champion, with the help of their heavyweight team captain who also competed in Chaweng Stadium Koh Samui against the other 3 team captains to reign their own position as Enfusion Reality heavyweight Champion. This Enfusion Reality season is crammed with action, drama, conflicts and most of all great fights. With our brand growing quickly and fight fans wanting more we introduced an Enfusion 24/7 channel. www.enfusionlive.com This enables the fans to register for free and watch any time of the day/evening Enfusion footage, which includes the other brands under the Enfusion umbrella such as Kickboxing Talents and Fighting Rookies.

Fans are also invited to watch the Enfusion Live shows from the comfort of their own home or even on the move as our stream is possible to watch on mobile devises, I pad, computer’s etc making it is easier for the public to connect with our brand. Enfusion’s future is looking strong throughout 2016, we have 10 Europe Enfusion live events, 10 non live high quality production events with a very special Enfusion Reality celebrity addition.

We will introduce the fighters more personally to the fans so they begin to see the fighters in their own enviroment and their methods behind their training and nutrition so a connection is built between the public and the fighters, bringing the life’s of these top athletes a step closer to our fans. Enfusion has a management agency for selected fighters . Already these fighters are proving they are or they are on the way to becoming World class fighters and will be house hold names in the fight scene in the future.

The Enfusion team are very excited regarding the growth and positive future Enfusion holds.

First Celeb name to be released: Enfusion Reality 6 Contender Glenn Helder (The Netherlands)

Enfusion Live #31 Results, Malaga, Spain Saturday 19.9.2015

Enfusion Live 31 | Results |Malaga, Spain Saturday 19.9.2015


1.3X3 Tournament semi Final -70Kg

Adam Martins (Spain) Vs Philippe Salmon (France)

Philippe Salmon wins by decision after an extra round


2.3X3 Tournament semi Final -70 Kg 

Christopher Mena (Colombia) Vs Beau Superpro Samui (Thailand)

Christopher Mena wins by decision


3.3X3 -75Kg

Ruben Lee (Spain) Vs Gil Silva (Portugal)

Ruben Lee wins by decision


4.3X3 -57Kg 


Estela Garcia (Spain) Vs Victoria Lomax (England)

Victoria Lomax wins by decision


5.3X3 -60Kg 

Nicolás Gaffie (Spain) Vs Wadii kadiri (Morocco)

Nicolás Gaffie wins after an extra round


6. 3X3 Tournament Final -70Kg

Christopher Mena (Colombia) vs Philippe Salmon (France)

Philippe Salmon (France) wins by decision


7. Fran Palenzuela (Spain) Vs Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)

Tayfun Ozcan becomes our 72.5 KG Champion by KO in round 5

Enfusion 25,000 USD Tournament

Who will earn their spot to take the last place in the semi finals of the Enfusion 25,000 USD Tournament?
Find out #31 Enfusion Live Malaga, Spain 19.9.2015


#35 Enfusion Live Christmas Edition

We are proud to announce #35 Enfusion Live Christmas Edition will be brought to you on Saturday 19.12.2015 from Antwerpen, Belgium.
We have a top line up as always to finish 2015 in style.
The first two fights to be announced are
Rustemi Kreshnik (Albania) Vs Daniel Sam (England)
Ismael Lazaar (Morocco) Vs Andrew Thomson (South Africa)
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Who will win the final spot to move to the semi final of the 25,000 Dollars Enfusion Tournament?

Who will win the final spot to move to the semi final of the 25,000 Dollars Enfusion Tournament?
Find out during #31 Enfusion Live, Malaga, Spain 19.9.2015.

Adam Martins (Spain) Vs Philippe Salmon (France)

Christopher Mena (Colombia) Vs Beau Superpro Samui (Thailand)

Enfusion Live 2016

Press Release, Enfusion Rules.

Press Release, Enfusion Rules.



Enfusion rules NO longer allow ANY throws and sweeps. To find further details on Enfusions rules please take a look at the Enfusion website.


Enfusion YouTube channe,l Enfusion Tv



Enfusion will showcase Superbouts and Elimination bouts in the future, the duration of these fights will be 5×3 minute rounds for the fighters, alongside the Enfusion World Title fights of 5×3 minute rounds.

We have added a further 2 weight catergories to The Enfusion divisions

Male -72.5Kg and Female -67Kg.

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Enfusion Live #31 Malaga Spain 19.9.2015



Enfusion the brand that brings the supporters the action they need!

Sponsored by Superpro Samui, Nikko and Fighting Spirit.

RESULTS Enfusion Live #30 Dublin, Ireland Saturday 11.7.2015

Results Enfusion Live #30 Dublin, Ireland Saturday 11.7.2015

1. 3X3      -67Kg

Paul Norton (Ireland) Vs Tomasz Marcisauskas (Lithuania)

WINNER- Paul Norton (Ireland) RD 2 TKO

2.   3X3    -54 Kg

Ferial Ameeroedien (South Africa) Vs Soraya Haurissa (Indonesia)

WINNER- Soraya Haurissa (Indonesia) Points after a 4TH RD

                                                                                        3. 3X3     -75Kg

Karl McCallig (Ireland) Vs Mateusz Janik (Poland)

WIINER- Karl McCallig (Ireland) 

4. 5X3     -54Kg

Iman Barlow (England) Vs Samantha van Doorn (The Netherlands)

WINNER- Iman Barlow (England)  and Still Enfusion World Champion -54Kg

5. 3X3     -70Kg

Keith Levins (Ireland) Vs Gergo Bodis (Hungary)

WINNER- Keith Levins (Ireland) RD 2 KO

6. 5X3     -67Kg

Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) Vs Simon Santana (Norway)

WINNER- Ilias Bulaid (Morocco) RD 1 KO and still Enfusion World Champion - 67Kg

Enfusion Live #30 Dublin, Ireland 11.7.2015

If you are unable to make Enfusion Live #30 Dublin, Ireland, 11.7.2015, you will be able to watch it from Monday 13th July on the 24/7 Enfusion Stream.