Hall of Fame

Current Enfusion World Champions:


60 kg Ali Zubai (The Netherlands)

Defeated Tommy Dieckmann (The Netherlands) 4.4.2015

60 kg Rittijack Kaewsamrit Thailand  (now retired)

Defeated Amine Kacem France 29.6.2013


63 kg Vacant

Past Champion:

Greg Wooton (England) Defeated Pietje Doorje Surinam 12.10.2013


67 kg Ilias Buliad (Morocco)

Defended against  Edye Ruiz (Spain) 21.11.2015

Defended against Simon Santana  (Norway) 11.7.2015

Defeated Zahid Zairov (Uzbekistan) 21.12.2014

Mohammed Jaraya Morocco Vacated the 67Kg Belt due to moving up a weight category

Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco) Defeats Mohamed Galaoui France) 5.4.2014


70 kg Vacant

Past Champions:

Robbie Hageman (The Netherlands) Defeated David Calvo (Spain) 25.1.2014


72.5Kg Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)

Defeated Fran Palenzuela from Spain 19.09.2015


75 kg

Diogo Calado (Portugal)

Defeated Rafael Llodra from France

Past Champions:

Michael Wakeling (England) defeated Ali Gunyar (Turkey) 1.1.2013


80 kg Hicham El Gaoui (Morocco)

Defeated Aidan Brooks (Ireland) 22.3.2014

Defeated Karapet Karapetyan (Armenia) 14.3.2015


85 kg Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco)

Defeated Tomas Senkyr (Slovakia) 25.4.2015

Past Champions:

Mirco Cingel Slovakia (Unable to defend his belt due to a serious injury, he will challenge the standing champion when possible)

Defeated Andrew Tate (England) and Jiri Zak (Czech Republic) 26.4.2014

(4 Man Tournament)


90 kg Andrew Tate (USA)

Defeated Wendell Roche  The Netherlands 29.6.2014


95 kg Mohamed Boubkari (Morocco)

Defeated Niko Falin (Russia) 4.10.2014

Defends and defeats against Moises Baute (Spain) 18.4.2015


Open weight Ismael Lazaar  (Morocco)

Defeated Daniel Sam  (England) 29.6.2014

Ismael Lazaar defended & defeated Thomas Vanneste (Belgium)7.2.2015



54kg Iman Barlow (England)

Defended and defeated Samantha Van Doorn  (The Netherlands) 11.7.2015

Defeated and defeated Maribel De Sousa (Portugal) 9.3.2013

Defence and defeated against Iman Ghablou (Morocco) 12.7.2014

Defeated Alexis Rufus (England) 30.3.2013


57kg Denise Kielholtz (The Netherlands)

Defeated Ilona Wijmans (The Netherlands) 12.1.2014

Defended Tiffany Van Soest (USA) 23.11.2014

Past Champion Ilona Wijmans (The Netherlands) Defended against Nathalie Visschers (Belgium) 3.11.2013


61kg Anke van Gestel (Belgium)

Defeated Ilona Wijmans (The Netherlands) 2.2.2013

Defence against Lindsay Scheer (USA) 25.5.2014

Defence against Aleide Lawant (The Netherlands) 10.10.2015


64kg Rachida Bouhout (The Netherlands)

Defeated Laetitia Lambert (France) 16.11.2013

Defended and defeated Vicky Church (England) 22.2.2014


67kg Sheena Widdershoven (The Netherlands)

Defeated Rachel Adamus (The Netherlands) 25.5.2015


Fighters of the Night Enfusion Live

Fighter of the night presentation commenced London 30.3.2013

#1 Belgium 2.2.2013 -

#2 Barcelona 9.3.2013 -

#3 London 30.3.2013 Iman Barlow (England)

#4 Novo Mesto 13.4.2013 Samo Petje (Slovenia)

#5 Eindhoven 11.5.2013 Amansio Paraschiv (Romania)

#6 London 29.6.2013 Michael Wakeling (England)

#7 Tenerife 13.7.2013 Maximo Suarez (Spain)

#8 London 12.10.2013 Rustam Guseinov (Russia)

#9 The Haque 3.11.2013 Ilona Wjmans (The Netherlands)

#10 Groningen 16.11.2013 Patrick Veenstra (The Netherlands)

#11 London 1.12.2013 Chris Cooper (Ireland)

#12 Alkmaar 12.1.2014 Mohammed Jarraya (Morocco)

#13 Eindhoven 25.1.2014 Ismael Lazaar (Morocco)

#14 Amsterdam 22.2.2014 Khalid Bourdif (Morocco)

#15 Ireland 22.2.2014 IIias Bulaid (Morocco)

#16 The Hague 5.4.2014 Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)

#17 Slovakia 26.4.2014 Ondrej Hutnik (Czech Republic)

#18 Amsterdam 25.5.2014 Othman Allach (Morocco)

#19 London 29.6.2014 Andrew Tate (USA)

#20 Mallorca 12.7.2014 Antonio Gomez (Spain)

#21 Germany 4.10.2014 Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)

#22 Groningen 23.11.2014 Tom De Smet (The Netherlands)

#23 Antwerp Belgium 21.12.2014 Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey)

#24 Eindhoven The Netherlands 7.2.2015 Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)

#25 Turnhout Belgium 14.3.2015 Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco)

#26 The Hague, The Netherlands 4.4.2015 Hicham Achalhi (Morocco)

#27 Tenerife, Spain 18.4.2015 Mohamed Boubkari (Morocco)

#28 Zilina, Slovakia 25.4.2015 Ibrahim El Boustati (Morocco)

#29 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 24.5.2015 Ilias Bulaid (Morocco)

#30 Dublin, Ireland 17.7.2015 Ilias Bulaid (Morocco)

#31 Malaga, Spain 19.09.2015 Beau Superpro (Thailand)

#32 Gent, Belgium 10.10.2015 Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco)

#33 Switzerland, The Netherlands 7.11.2015 Diogo Calado (Portugal)

#34 Groningen, The Netherlands 21.11.2015 Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)


Enfusion Reality winners male competitors:

Enfusion Reality Test of the Champions 70 kg Gago Drago (Armenia)

Enfusion Reality Quest for Honor 95 kg Ondrej Spejbl Hutnik (Czech Republic)

Enfusion Reality Trial of the Gladiators 85 kg Franci Grajs (Slovenia)

Enfusion Reality Search for the Superpro open weight Daniel Sam (England)


Enfusion reality winners female competitors / teamcaptains:

Enfusion Reality Test of the Champions 57kg Bernise Alldis (England)

Enfusion Reality Quest for Honor 61kg Aleide Lawant (The Netherlands)

Enfusion Reality Trial of the Gladiators 61kg Denise Kielholtz (The Netherlands)

Enfusion Reality Search for the Superpro 61kg Denise Kielholtz (The Netherlands)