Enfusion Rules


Enfusion RULES



Shorts (Thai boxing) pants and boxing gloves (8oz under 70kgs 10oz above).

Gum shield and groin protector.

Vaseline only on face, not on the neck, shoulders or other body parts.



A class : 3 x 3 minutes , 1 minute pause between rounds and MAXIMUM one extra round if scored draw.

Enfusion Title fight : Enfusion Super Bout: Enfusion Elimination (a fight in which two contenders fight each other for a Title shot) Male Title fight: 5 x 3 minutes , 1 minute pause between rounds. No extra round if scored draw.

Female Title fight: 5 x 2 minute rounds, 1 minute pause between rounds. No extra round if scored draw.

In case of a draw in a championship fight the champion will keep the belt, if the title is vacant a winner must be decided.




Punches (fist) to: head, front and side upper body, front and side.

Kicks (foot) to: head, front and side neck, chest, stomach and side body.

Kicks (shin) to: inside and outside upper leg (low kicks) head, neck, chest, breast and body (round kicks).

Knees to: head, breast, side body, stomach and legs.

Back fist or spinning back fist.

Clinch work is allowed as long as the play is active and seen working between two combatants, the referee decides whether to break if the action is not flowing.Push kick to the thigh.



Holding in the clinch to avoid the fight without striking.

Head butts.

Use of elbow strikes.

Push kick to the knee.

All techniques directed at the groin.

Clinching in the lower back.

Punching with the inside of the gloves.

Continuing the fight after the command “break” or “stop” from the referee.

Continuing the fight when an opponent is (partially) outside the ropes.

Continuing the fight when an opponent is completely down or has contact with the ground with other parts of his body than his feet.

Biting, spitting, sticking fingers in the eyes of an opponent, avoiding to fight, failing to behave like a good sportsman.

Approaching, attacking an opponent with the head held too low.

Simulating being hit by a foul technique (like a low blow).

Not obeying the instructions of the referee.
Suplex or belly to back throws.

Choke , guillotines or any submissions attempt holds.

Wrestling style takedowns also known as “shoots”

If a fighter commits one of the above mentioned fouls he will be warned; If he repeats the foul or commits a grave foul, he shall receive an Official Warning (OW). 3 times an OW = disqualification.



All effective techniques with impact are counted as scores; pro round the scores will be counted and awarded in 10-9 point-system, and 10-8 if the fight is very much one way. A knockdown is minus 1, three knockdowns in a single round to the same opponent the fight is deemed over.
 If the score is equal, the points will be given to the most aggressive fighter with hard techniques and damage infliction.

An Official Warning (OW) = 1 point deduction. An Eight-Count, is a 1 point deduction. Kicks to the arms count as points.
Official Warning (yellow card) = minus 10% wages pro card.



MAN: -60 kg, -63 kg, -67 kg, -70 kg, -72.5 kg, -75 kg, -80 kg, -85 kg, -90 kg, -95 kg and open class (Heavy Weight)

WOMEN: -54 kg,-57 kg, -61 kg, -64 kg, -67Kg and open class