90 KG Enfusion World Title


Santa Cruz, Tenerife,  Enfusion Live 13,7,2013.

Report by Peter Lowe.

Taking part in his 170th contest, Holland’s Wendell “the Waterman” Roche finally fulfilled his potential by capturing the 90kg Enfusion world title after five absorbing rounds of action against Spain’s Moises Ruibal. Crowd favourite Ruibal initiated the violence in the first round by throwing some Tyson esque punch combos that would have seen many men fold there and then, but the teak tough Dutch man is made of sterner stuff and just shook them off and trundled forward.

In the second round Wendell was able to pin the Spaniard in the corner and keep him there with solid left hands and knee’s to the body. Finally Ruibal was able to spin out of the corner and unload with some hard punch combo’s finished off with right low kicks. Despite this and some very wild exchanges in centre ring Ruibal finished the round once more in the corner and with a bad cut over the right eye. Both started slowly in round three but as the round progressed it became clear that Roche was well able to absorb the blows of his powerfully built adversary as he continued to chase him around the ring, effectively bullying the bully.

Wendell kept the pressure on in round four, moving forward behind the jab and driving in knees, uppercuts and hooks when up close.

Knowing that he must have been behind on the judges scorecard’s, the home favourite started fast in the final session, but was soon pushed backwards again and even dropped by two hard inside left low kicks. Both looked tired but continued to excite the crowd with some thrilling exchanges right up until the final bell.

A jubilant Roche beamed as he was announced as a split decision winner. Ruibal deserves credit for playing his part in an exciting match but was clearly bested on the day by the determination, experience and toughness of the happy go lucky Dutch fighter.


Enfusion Fighter of the night cheque went to Spain’s Maximo Suarez after a stunning KO over China’s Duoli Chen. Suarez impressed all in attendance with his sharp punch, kick combinations and excellent defence in the first round. Chen remained defiant and soaked up some heavy shots whilst trying hard to respond with his own, but Suarez looked like the one in control by the end of the round.

The Spaniard picked up where he had left off in round two continuing to rain in fast accurate punches and kicks. Then halfway through the round he caught Chen with a booming counter left hook as the Chinese visitor rushed forward, leaving him face down on the canvas and out for the count.


Abraham Roqueni (Spain) won by disqualification after Elam Ngor (Senegal) walked from the ring and refused to fight a fourth deciding round.

Ngor looked lively and athletic in the first round, throwing some big kicks, jumping knee’s and fast punches at his comparatively slow starting opponent. Roqueni was forced to hold and survive after taking a big knee to the head that would have surely levelled many fighters. Ngor continued to impress at the start of the second round, scoring with decent punches and knees up close and even cutting Roqueni over the left eye. This seemed to wake Abraham up and he began to find his rhythm late in the round as he landed a particularly hard right body kick.

With Ngor now fading Roqueni started to take over in the third, controlling the action up close and even pushing his man back in effort to even things up on the scorecards.

After it was announced that there would indeed be a fourth round a disgusted Ngor stormed from the ring and left the arena despite pleas from his corner to return and fight on.



Spain’s Moises Baute made short work of Portuguese rival Luis Morais. Baute was out of the blocks quickly setting about Morais like he had stolen his bicycle and finally dumping him in the neutral corner with a sustained attack. Morais looked up from the floor, grimacing, but was unable to beat the ten count. The end came after only one minute and 20 seconds of the very first round.


Spain’s Eva Naranjo earned a split decision win over English starlet Iman Barlow. The usually sharp Barlow looked a little out of sorts in the first round as she struggled to find her timing. Naranjo was frequently able to catch the usually effective body kick from Iman and would hold the leg whilst trying to deliver punches of her own. A tactic she applied with good effect through out the fight. Barlow found some of the form that saw her capture the 54kg Enfusion world title earlier in the year and fought much better in the second round. Looking the boss on the out side she was able to land counters as the stocky Naranjo rumbled forward, then when up close was able to dump the Spaniard on the canvas with some decent sweeps and low kicks.

The third session was very close as Eva scored with bursts of punches and kicks as Iman looked for knees up close in the clinch.

At this point, the judges were unable to split the pair and a fourth round was called for.

Barlow started well in the fourth, landing strong low kicks and again showing her strength in the clinch. A tired looking Naranjo continued to push forward pumping out her hands but was unable to land with anything definitive. Many at ringside (including this writer) thought Barlow had done enough to win the final session but it was Eva whose hand was raised at announcement of the decision. Maybe we can look forward to a rematch later in the year, this time with the title on the line.


Josh Jauncey of Canada sent out a message to all 70kg fighters with a crushing knockout win over pre fight favourite David Calvo of Spain. Both looked sharp and strong in the opening round as they felt each other out, but with barely ten seconds left on the clock Jauncey caught Calvo flush on the chin with a booming right hand that dumped his Spanish adversary heavily on the canvas, rendering him unable to beat the count.


Fighting Rookies


Jonay Risco (Spain) won the WFCA world title with a clear unanimous point’s decision over tough Portuguese contender Arnaldo Silva.

Risco fought superbly off the back foot, peppering Silva with solid jabs and occasionally stepping in with well timed combinations that would include a low kick and left hook to the liver. This was pretty much the story of the fight. Silva was tough, brave and strong and stood up to everything Risco could throw at him, but it was the Spaniard that consistently had the last word in the exchanges. Although Risco did enough to win every round for me the bout had enough free flowing action to keep the crowd on the edge of their seats through out the contest.


Acoidan Duque El Pei (Spain) won via Kimora in an MMA bout against Rayco Kakin. Kakin tapped out at 3.30 of the first round.


Spain’s Jonathan Leon won via an arm bar against stocky Brazilian Pinduca in another of our MMA rules bout. Pinduca was forced to tap out at the 2.10 mark of the first round.


Aitor Alonso of Spain beat countryman Carlos La Loba. LaLoba was stopped on his feet after 36 seconds of the third round.


Another all Spanish bout saw Carlos Araya earn a tight split decision win over Andres El Nino Foca.


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