Enfusion Reality, Victory Of The Vixen

Enfusion Reality, Victory of the Vixen, Season 5

Enfusion hosts Victory Of The Vixen, Season 5, Enfusion Reality during September in Koh Samui Thailand for filming.

The fighters have been selected to represent their own countries and will be flown to Koh Samui by Enfusion, from across the World to show their talents on this big stage and fight to be crowned the winner of Victory of the Vixen.

Victory of the Vixen is debut to the female fighters, for the first time, Enfusion Reality will bring 18 female fighters to the beautiful Island of Koh samui to fight for the number one spot in the 54KG division.
The females firstly will take part in a series of challenges to determine which 16 fighters will go through to make up the 4 teams which will have male heavyweight fighters as team captains and will coach them through their experience, but these heavyweights have more on their minds than just the ladies, they will also compete on the final evening in a four man tournament to fight for the winning spot for the heavyweight Victory of the Vixen Enfusion Title.
Daniel Sam from England winner from Season 4 Search for the Superpro has a tough job to hold his Title against the remaining heavyweights wanting the prestigious Title.

Victory of the Vixen Enfusion Reality Season 5 is expected to be one of its kind, 18 females, living, training, eating together in Superpro Samui camp, Koh Samui.
It is a recipe for entertainment beside the fast and furious fights these girls will bring to the ring to be crowned number 1.

Alongside each contender fighting for themselves they will take place in team challenges throughout the series, to determine who will fight who, how many team mates they can have in their corner on fight night …
Can these contestants work as a team?

Can the heavyweight team captains take control of their Vixens?

Count down has begun, all will unfold soon

Competitors Ladies 54KG
1. Fatima Pinto Norway
2. Johanna Rydberg Sweden
3. Ferial Ameerroedien South Africa
4. Meryem Uslu Germany
5. Nevenka Mikulic Croatia
6. Samantha Van Doorn The Netherlands
7. Soraya Haurissa Indonesia
8. Isis Verbeek The Netherlands
9. Marina Zueva Russia
10. Filipa Correia Portugal
11. Adi Rotem Israel
12. Anissa Meksen France
13. Iman Barlow England
14. Ashley Nichols Canada
15. Lizzie Largilliere France
16. Sammy-Lee Brown Australia
17. Maria Pantazi Greece
18. Simone Dommelen The Netherlands
1. Daniel Sam England
2. Lukasz Krupadziorow Poland
3. Bruice Guidon France
4. Kirk Krouba Ivory Coast
5. Aschwin Balrak Surinam