Profile Form Enfusion Reality Mehdi Fassal

Profile Form Enfusion Reality Mehdi Fassal

No of music track chosen: 4

Ringname:  Bad Medicine

Age:  25

Flag: France

Weight in kg:  85

Height in cm:  182

Management:  Semtex Gym, London (Steve Gladston)

Civil status:  Engaged

Hobbies:  Football, cars, travel, video games

Profession:  Recruitment manager in London

Inspiration:  Masato, Buakaw, Jerome Lebanner

Special preparations for this Fight:  Training twice a day 6 days a week

What do you know of your opponent:  They are all beatable

Total Fights:        36

Win:                         29

Losses:                  7

Draw:                       0

KO:                           3

Title: French Champion

Best opponent you won from:  George Davies from England