Profile Form Enfusion Reality Matthew Semper

Profile Form Enfusion Reality Matthew Semper

No of music track chosen: 3

Ringname:  Matthew “Sobek” Semper

Age:  29

Flag: USA

Weight in kg: 72

Height in cm:  173

Management/Gym:  Bali MMA

Civil status:  Single

Hobbies:  Training

Profession:  Muay Thai and K1 fighter, photographer

Inspiration:  I have gone from being an unhealthy 146kg video gamer, down to 72kg professional athlete. While working my way down in weight, I have gained many followers trying to do the same things as I have to become healthy and become fighters. I do this for them!

Special preparations for this Fight:  Train hard 6 days a week, like normal.

What do you know of your opponent:  Nothing. Their skills will not matter or change my game plans. I will always push the pace to get into my opponent’s head to break him mentally and physically. 

Total Fights:  76

Win:                   55

Losses:           20

Draw:                       1

KO:                     39


Best opponent you won from:  Ad Earnshaw from Australia