Enfusion Reality presents Edition 7: “New League Blood”.

Filming will commence 12th June 2017 on the beautiful island of Koh Samui.

Enfusion will host kickboxing athletes from around the world to take part in the 13 episode kickboxing reality show where the athletes will live, sleep, eat and train together.

Fighters will be divided into 4 teams lead by their captains who are 4 female fighters. The team captains will also face one another on the final fight night.

Teams will consist of 2 x 72kg fighters, 2 x 85 kg fighters and the female team captain 61 kg.

The team will compete in a series of challenges to determine who will gain the much needed extra allowance of .5kg on the scales on weigh in day. Other benefits are: sleeping in a luxury room the night before fight day, having 3 corner men during the fight and of course gaining the important overall team points which are calculated over the show to find out which team had the most success overall. In the end every fighter will be out for themselves as there can only be one winner in each division on the final fight night.

The winner of the 72kg catergory will secure their place in the Enfusion last 16 tournament which will take place during November 2017 in Amsterdam with the chance of winning they will move to the Enfusion last 8 which will be held in Abu Dhabi 8th December with a total 100,000 euros to be won.

The winner of the 85kg category will secure their place in the 85kg Enfusion League, the next Enfusion League weight category to be presented to fight fans.

Be prepared for arguments, drama, tears, laughter, friendship, good fights whilst we witness a glimpse of the fighters out of the ring during their preparation for the biggest opportunity they will receive in their career to move forward. 

Only at Enfusion.