19 JULY 2009

As the call for champions’ rings out throughout the kick boxing world, another has answered its call. Mirko Vorkapic a seven time Slovenian champion plans to establish himself as a top contestant and win Enfusion’s show. Can the charismatic athlete build from his past triumphs and win? Enfusion welcomes Mirko Vorkapic to its ever growing catalogue of titleholders.

5 JULY 2009

A legion returns, after a great career in kick boxing Fernando was all but retired. Honestly does a true warrior ever retire? In 2006 Fernando was not willing to let his career go and stepped back into the ring. Since then he has dispatched all the younger generation and served notice his 4 world titles should still be around the old champion’s waist. Now we will see if Fernando still has the flare and power to win against a younger generation of world class champions. Enfusion welcomes the Mexican contestant Fernando “Cool” Calleros to the list of world class champions.

20 JUNE 2009

Enfusion is proud to announce Melvin Manhoef as the first coach to join our team in the up-coming production in Thailand. Enfusion would like to welcome Melvin to our team. Melvin is a world class athlete and is recognized as a top class fighter in both kick boxing and mixed martial arts. Melvin currently fights all over the world in both disciplines and is sure to be a huge boost to his team as coach. Melvin’s hard aggression, electrifying energy and hard work ethic will help demonstrate the path to future success for all those who follow in his footsteps.

14 JUNE 2009

Sahin “Kaas” Yakut from turkey has long been one of the 75 kilo division best. He brings a remarkable record of over 128 fights, with 114 wins. However Sahin “Kaas” must now drop his weight to 70 kilos and fight against some of the best from around the world. Will “Kaas” continue to dominate at a lower weight category or will the loss of weight and strength prove too much. Enfusion welcomes Sahin “Kaas” Yakut as one of the competitors for the 70 kilo 2010 show.

10 JUNE 2009

Martial Arts Productions Europe (MAPE) is proud to announce Gago Drago as a participant in the next 70 kilo Showtime Reality 2010 program. Widely known as one of the most exciting fighters in the 70 kilo weight division, Drago has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with. Drago’s in ring action and historic battles as developed this young athlete into a fan favourite. Now in the Reality Show you will learn more about what makes this athlete pursue his dreams of becoming the world’s best. Gago Drago fights out of the Alkmaar gym. Drago adds a new dimension of action to the Reality Show and everyone will be excited to see him perform.

1 JUNE 2009

Martial Arts Production Europe (MAPE) is currently searching for the best athletes at the 70 kilo weight category. The 70 kilo weight category is one of the most exciting, with a large number of top athletes from all over the world competing for top honors. One such athlete is Shane “Shaulin” Campbell. Shane has won top honors all over the world and is widely known as one of the best fighters in North America. Shane fights out of the Iron Tiger Muay Thai Gym in Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada, lead by trainer Alin Halmagean. Shane Campbell is confirmed as one of the athletes who will compete in the Enfusion TV Show. We look forward to the excitement and talent Shane brings to the next installment of Enfusion 2010. Enfusion has gone out to seek champions worldwide to come and compete in our latest TV show.