Goran Aleksic a numerous Serbian Champion winner and popular fighter in his home country of Serbia, seeks to expand his notoriety and challenge more European fighter. Goran has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, as he has been shaping his skills since the age of 14. His hometown fans have always been impressed by his warrior spirit and ability to produce exciting matches. Goran is known for his unorthodox style and his willingness to openly exchange blows, with a never say quit attitude. Now his biggest challenge waits! Enfusion welcomes Goran Aleksic to the list of competitors for their 2010 spectacle of “Test of Champions”.


Armen Petroysan looks to follow in his brother path of success. The name Giorgio Petrosayn is vastly becoming a popular name in sport of kick boxing. Giorgio is one of the newest top talents, known for his excellence inside the ring. Armen is ready to show the world there is another who deserves the lime light. He is ready to eclipse his bothers fame, by winning Enfusion’s “Test of Champions.” Enfusion opens their doors to the Italian competitor Armen Petroysan.


After training martial arts since the age of 5, American warrior Cyrus “The Great ” Washington is ready for war and the chance to take on the best fighters in the world. He has been in Thailand for the past 16 months fighting grizzled veterans of the sport and is now ready for his moment in the spotlight and chance to seize glory.


Enfusion has their third coach! Krista Fleming has had Mauy Thai running through her blood form a young age. For many years she has dominated the woman’s world of kick boxing. It is because of this dominance she has been no stranger to television. She has been featured in several interviews and asked to take part in various television programs. She is currently constantly keeping up with her training and coaching from her gym in Arnhem. Enfusion announces their third coach as the charismatic Krista Fleming.


Enfusion is proud to announce the second coach for the 2010 show as Bernise Alldis. Bernise brings a love to the sport unlike no other. At a very young age, she would help out around the gym to pay for her training. It soon became very clear to her this sport would play an instrumental role in her life and provide her a path for all her endeavours. When she is not train for a competition, she is teaching all ages and skill levels. It is because of this strong dedication and love for the sport Enfusion greets there second coach Bernise Allidis with open arms.


As world and regional champions descend on the country of Thailand, who is to bare the burden of its defense? One man has answering his countries calling again. He has represented his country in the Olympic Games as a boxer. He is known by all in the sport as the best Muay Thai fighter in Thailand. All competitors take note, the legion known as Panjonsuk will confront all those who stand before him. He is here to represent the honor of Thailand and once again prove to all the critics just who the real dominate force is. It is with great pleasure and honor Enfusion welcomes the hometown star Panjonsuk to the list of outstanding competitors.

21 AUGUST 2009

The French have produced a number of memorable kick boxing athletes over the years. Now Michael Lallemand wishes to follow in their path of glory and success. Michael has long been a champion in France and wishes to take the next step and dominate the world. Winning Enfusion will most definitely propel this great athlete forward in his quest to become a world champion. Enfusion welcome French champion Michael Lallemand to its list of all stars.

14 AUGUST 2009

A young star is rising in Sweden ready to take up the Viking call to battle; his name is Alex Tobiasson Harris. Although not noticed on the world stage yet, there has not been one signal opponent to stand in his way. And there is no better way to announce to the world your “coming of age” then to defeat a global class of world champions. Enfusion is proud to usher in the era of the Viking from Sweden Alex Tobiasson Harris.

1 AUGUST 2009

Enfusion announces its African competitor as Vuyisile “the Cheetah” Colossa. Vuyisile has made a name for himself fighting out of South Africa; lately he competed in the one of the prestigious K-1 events. Now he looks determined to demonstrate to the world he is ready for top level competition. Does the Cheetah have the speed and killer instinct to become the king of this jungle? Enfusion opens the door to Vulisile Colossa to stamp his mark and serve notice to the world the Cheetah has arrived.

20 JULY 2009

For many years the north has been dominated by this Finnish fighter and as the years have passed he has only been getting stronger. Pasi Luukkanen has ruled his icy lands and has confirmed himself as a true contender in the world of kick boxing. Now he has a chance to stamp his name in a field of world class athletes and enter the world elite. Enfusion is pleased to declare Pasi Luukkanen as the Finnish contender.