14 JANUARY 2010

Enfusion welcome all athletes and crew for the filming in Thailand. We regrettably announce a no show of Fernando Calleros for reasons still yet unknown to us.

4 JANUARY 2010

Enfusion welcomes the replacement for Krista, Titiana Van Polanen. Titiana descends from a familiar path of the world greatest athletes in kick boxing. Like her fellow countrymen/ ladies she was born in Surinam and came to Holland, where she perfected the art of kick boxing. She is a presently recognized as a Dutch and world champion. Her skills have been continually developing from a young age, as she found a great passion for combats sport. Titiana is always looking for more challenges to improve her skills.

14 DECEMBER 2009

Enfusion must announce that Melvin will not be coming to Thailand with us. He has other obligations in January; K1 and strike force. Due to his work ethic and drive for success, he will require the time to prepare for these matches. We all wish Melvin the best in his future ambitions and leave the door open for him to return. Secondly we must also announce the with draw of Krista Fleming we wish her all the best in the future.

12 DECEMBER 2009

Our last coach comes from Belgium; her name is Eva Berben. Eva is one of the rare types of personalities you will hear about or learn about. Eva started in the sport of kick boxing since the age of eight years of age. She has continually developed her skills as an athlete and has love for the sport like no other. To date she has over 40 fights with only 3 loses, she has won various titles and tournaments throughout her career. This fantastic passion for the sport in combination with her incredible ambition makes her a perfect candidate as coach. Enfusion welcomes Eva Berben to their list of excellent coaches and athletes.


Our last contestant comes from Portugal; Bruno Carvalho a talented top ranked fighter has great aspirations to challenge the best athletes in the world. He has the desire to progress into the top promotional events in the world. This rising talent has shown great improvement over the past few years, as Bruno has won every championship in Portugal. This top class potential and drive for success qualifies him as a perfect addition to Enfusion’s “test of champions.”


Enfusion welcomes their third coach Catarina Valerio also from Portugal. Caterina is recognized as Portugal’s top rank woman fighter, as she displays natural talent. She demonstrates a strong dedication to the sport with a pursuit of excellence. These are just some of the qualities needed for success.


Szucs “The Iceman” Barnabas is a rising talent out of Romania. Romania over the past years, have been producing great young athletes ready for top quality contests. One of these new developing stars is Szucs Barnabas. He has just recently tasted what it is like to be involved in top level international competition and is excited for more challenges. Enfusion gladly welcomes his request and invites Szucs Barnabas to “Trail of the Gladiators.


Steve Moxon is a new talent coming out of Australia, he is eager to make a new path in order to expand his dominance. He brings an undefeated record which he wishes to maintain, in order to propel him up in rank and recognition. This rugged athlete is ready to flourish in the worldwide arena of kick boxing. All athletes take notice and prepared for the coming of Steve Moxon. Enfusion is happy to light the path for this exciting young athlete.


A Champion out of England Rick Barnhill has made his goal clear, and that is to expand his horizons in the world of kick boxing. Now his chance has arrived as Rick has been added to a catalogue of champions from throughout the world. It is time for Rick “the model” Barnhill to take center stage and showcase his skills and ambitions to the world. Enfusion opens the curtain for English champion Rick Barnhill to strut stuff; talk is talk and walk his walk.


Jan Van Denderen is a veteran to the sport of kick boxing; he has accumulated a wealth of experience and notoriety in his home country of Belgium. Jan has fought in many different promotions throughout Europe and abroad, against all who challenge him. Now his quest for glory has brought him to Enfusion. Does this experienced champion of Belgium, have what it takes to rise to the top of a world elite group of highly skilled athletes? Enfusion will provide the answer and Jan Van Denderen will provide the action.