Enfusion, the search for the Superpro

We proudly present our next instalment of Enfusion, the search for the Superpro in Koh Samui, Thailand.
The show will be recorded from September 7th until September 17th, 2013.
We will produce an international show with athletes.
The show will have 16 episodes that will be recorded in Koh Samui.
The format is a combination of reality and a tournament.
The athletes will be divided in 4 teams to be coached by female team-captains.
We will have 16 competitors and 2 reserve fighters in order to be able to have 2 shows in Koh Samui.
After the first fight elimination round we will organize the quarter finals and the semi finals and finals in Koh Samui.
The team composition and the matchmaking will be determined by challenges. These challenges will take place on several locations. In Koh Samui we will be able to have great spots with enthusiastic owners that will cooperate to make it happen.
We’d like to promote our industry to the world and due to this concept we are able to connect the viewer with the athletes.
We are building a reality show that has a lot of interest worldwide.

More information will follow soon on http://www.enfusion-tv.com/2013/



Enfusion Season 3 - Trial of The Gladiators.

Filmed in beautiful Macedonia, Europe, presents the 85MAX category and its explosive fights.

Beside the hard-fought competition and tremendous KOs, Enfusion Season 3 takes the viewers deeper than ever inside their favorite fighter’s life.

With such a heavy training program and amazing challenges, exhausted participants will confess everything through heartbreaking testimonials.

Their roughest times in life will be mentionned…

Their deepest and darkest secrets will be revealed…

Enfusion – Trial of the Gladiators

Enfusion next installment titled “Trial of the Gladiators” will focus on the 95 kilo max division. Once again Enfusion has set about the task of searching for the best up and coming top athletes from various countries. Talent from around the globe will demo straight their skills to show to the world their level of skill and dedication to our sport. These athletes will meet in the proving grounds of Superpro Samui training camp in Koh Samui Thailand, where they will be tested and eliminated until four end up in the finals of Enfusion’s Trail of the Gladiators. Spectators and fans alike will be in for a real treat as the 95 kilo max division is rarely focused on. Therefore our selected athletes will be out to prove to the world the action, drama and excitement which comes in this competitive weight class. This show will be among the best you will ever witness.

The show will be recorded in January 2011.

MEET&GREET Giorgio Petrosyan

MEET&GREET Giorgio Petrosyan @ the Enfusion Tournament 9 JULY 2010
Meet Giorgio Petrosyan at the 2KO stand headsponsor of Enfusion.

4 MAY 2010

Enfusion is on the way to Portugal, the fabulous city of Lisbon will host the finals of Enfusion. Coaches will battle it out for prize money, and the 4 finalist of Enfusion will bring the exciting climax to Trail of the Gladiators, plus top fighters from Portugal will round out this event. The world eyes will focus on this special event, stay tuned for more excitement and news as Enfusion “Trail of the Gladiators” reaches its much anticipated conclusion.

30 APRIL 2010

We at Enfusion are closely monitoring the currents events in Thailand, currently due to civil unrest the country is under a state of emergency. We do wish to proceed with our next show; however the safety of the athletes and conditions for their swift passage must be met. We will continue to observe the status in Thailand and will make a decision later in the regarding weather or not we will produce the next installment of Enfusion. Many thanks.

28 APRIL 2010

Enfusion has announced earlier the weight category for their next installment. After closer consideration we are changing the weight class to light heavy weight. Enfusion well search the best athletes from each country to come to the Superpro training camp, where we will once again propel a new top athlete into the word’s limelight of the elite.

20 APRIL 2010

It is with great pleasure Enfusion can proudly say “Enfusion is the road for success and stardom”. The runner up in our first trial show has become It’s Showtime 77 kilo World Champion. Cosmo Alexandre from Brazil who begun as a competitor in our first program, has blazed a path for all competitors to follow and proven dreams can be reached. Cosmo Alexander defeated the current champion Dmitri Shakuta to captured the It’s Showtime World Championship belt at 77 kilos. Enfusion offers there congratulations to Cosmo Alexandre for his success. Enfusion’s “Trail of the Gladiators” finals on July 17th in Portugal will surely produce another World Champion.

19 JANUARY 2010

Enfusion wishes to continue in there development and bring another edition to the world eye. Even though we are still in the mist of filming and bring the first show the public. We are tentatively announcing our next show. Enfusion introduces “Dawn of the Heavy Hitters” this will be a heavy weight/open weight category. For athletes who wish gain worldwide notary and compete in the next installment of Enfusion-TV please send us a request. Take note this is still a preliminary announcement all athletes must submit interest, footage, and maybe be ask to a try-out to qualify. Thank you have a wonderful day.

Enfusion proudly announces: Dawn of the Heavy Hitters!

17 JANUARY 2010

On behalf of Enfusion Edwin and Rob would both personal like to thank all the athletes, teamcaptains, coaches, film crew, producers, directors, team Superpro Samui, photographers, martial arts forums, sponsors, and every other person who helped in the making of Enfusion-TV. We both are very great full for all the hard work put into the show and can see a further continuing commitment to developing and enhancing Enfusion-TV. Once again thank you all so much for bring Enfusion-TV to the world.