2012 – Trial of the Gladiators

We proudly present our next installment of Enfusion, the trial of the Gladiators in Ohrid / Macedonia.
The show will be recorded from august 5 untill august 19, 2011.
The weight category will be at 85 kg.

We will produce an international show with athletes from 18 different countries.
The show will have 13 episodes that will be recorded in Ohrid and will be broadcasted on the international TV-stations.

The format is a combination of reality and an tournament.
The athletes will be divided in 4 teams that will be coached by female team-captains.
We will have 16 competitors and 2 reserve fighters in order to be able to have 2 shows in Ohrid.
After the first elimination round we will organize the semi finals in Ohrid as well.
Both events will take place in the beautiful amphitheatre of Ohrid.

The team composition and the matchmaking will be determined by challenges. These challenges will take place on several locations. You can think of a diving contest, volleyball game, etc.

We’d like to promote our industry to the world and due to this concept we are able to connect the viewer with the athletes. People will get to know them and will find out that these people are very hard working athletes with a lot of other interests. The athletes live together, eat together, sleep together, party together and in the end they will have their contest! For instance: Before the fight the athletes that have to compete each other will go out together. They might visit a health-spa; the viewer will see that these guys are friends before and after the contest.

We are building a reality show that has a lot of interest worldwide.